Plearnwan Hua Hin Vintage Village must be the most popular tourist destinations for Bangkokians and it’s starting to catch on with the Hua Hin Tourists too. The Village is located just outside the city centre, so you will need to catch a Tuk Tuk or taxi to get there. The front of the building is deceptively modern but the inside of Plearnwan Vintage Village gives away to an interior space very clearly designed to hark back to the “good old days” of Hua Hin. The materials used are recycled wood, tin and wooden walkways to remind you of old building that could have been found in old downtown Hua Hin. Shops, restaurants, stalls and Vintage backdrops dot the interior of Plearnwan Vintage Village making it an interesting place to visit.

Plearnwan Hua Hin Vintage Village is a combination of mini shopping mall, a place to enjoy traditional foods, a place to view shows and a place to take some pretty spectacular selfies. Everywhere you look you see Hua Hin from the yesteryear in the shape of vintage inspired shops, traditional sweets sold and old cars. So it’s no wonder the Thai’s love to go to Plearnwan Market to eat, shop and take pictures. For Tourists it’s a great opportunity to try something popular with Thai’s and exploring the Thai popular Culture.

In the weekends there is always special program such as dog dress up Carnival, screening of old movies and fairs.


Best time to experience Plearnwan Hua Hin Vintage Village is during late afternoon as it can get hot in the mostly open air complex. If you want to do what the Thais do head down to Plearnwan in the weekends to eat some traditional Coconut ice cream with corn, buy a plaid teddy bear as a gift and strike pose next to a Vintage car.

Opening hours

  • Everyday from 09 AM to 10 PM

Admission fees

  • free entrance


  • from Bangkok – 195 km (2 h 50 min)
  • from Hua Hin – 5 km (8 min)

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How to visit:

We recommend to contact Hua Hin Cab. You can send them your own itinerary and ask for a quote or pick one of the day tour packages available on their website.