Phraya Nakhon Cave is located in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park approximately a bit less than an hour from Hua Hin by car. It is best to book an organized tour or a very knowledgeable Taxi driver to arrange for this trip. Phraya Nakhon Cave is not just an amazingly beautiful spot of two interconnected caves but includes also a temple built in 19th century inside the second cave.

To get to the Temple you drive to Bang Pu a small seaside town where you have two choices on how to reach the cave. You can either take a boat to Laem Sala Beach (not reachable by car) or hike to the Laem Sala Beach (about 30 minutes mostly upwards), once at the beach you will need then to hike another 30 minutes to reach the Phraya Nakhon Cave entrance. We recommend taking the Boat as just the walk from the beach is already a bit of a walk.

Please note once booking boat to Laem Sala Beach, you can also negotiate a trip to Monkey Island to feed the Monkeys living there. Boat trip to Laem Sala Beach should cost between 150-300 thb per person depending on amount of people on the boat and the season. At the beach you will have to pay the 200thb entrance fee to Sam Roi Yot National Park and receive a guide who will guide you to the cave.

From Laem Sala Beach to the Phraya Nakhon Cave there is an opportunity to take a break about half way where you will have a great opportunity to see some amazing views of the Mountains and seascape.

When you reach the Phraya Nakhon Cave entrance you will descend into the first cave, both of the caves are not dark as one would expect but bathed in sunlight that comes through the natural air holes in the ceiling. There is even sufficient sun light for trees to grow inside making it even more magical. The first chamber contains a natural phenomenon that looks like a “dry” waterfall and many stalactites and Stalagmites. But it’s the second chamber, called Kuha Kharuehat pavilion, which is connected by a Walkway that is famous. The Kuha Kharuehat pavilion was built in 1890 for the visit of King Rama V. What makes it special is the beauty of the light streaming upon the Temple from the natural air hole in the Cave. In the main chamber you can see signatures of King Rama V and Rama VII which they signed when they visited the Phraya Nakhon Cave.

On the way back you will be hot and thirst so do take a break at the rustic restaurant on Laem Sala Beach and maybe even swim in the sea.

Also recommended in this area is visiting Sam Roi Yot Beach (also called Dolphin Bay by Expats). Dolphin Bay is a sleepy village that looks the yesteryears of Thailand. Once you have paid National Park Entrance fee you can even visit Bueng Bua Nature Observation Center without paying the National park fee again, as long as you hang onto the ticket. The Observation Centre has a board walk located in a stunning location where you can see local wildlife, just the pictures you can get from here make it worthwhile to visit.


As there is moderate trekking involved to get to Phraya Nakhon Cave it is recommended you wear sensible shoes. Also your clothes can get a bit wet when exiting and entering the boat and you will definitely need to bring sun screen, mosquito repellent and maybe even a swim suit just in case you feel like a refreshing a dip in the sea. It is recommended to aim to reach the Phraya Nakhon Cave by 11 am to get the best light inside the cave.

Opening hours

  • Daily during Day light

Admission fees

  • 200 Baht per adult plus boat fee


  • from Bangkok – 250 km (3 h 20 min)
  • from Hua Hin – 52 km (1 h 5 min)

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How to visit:

We recommend to contact Hua Hin Cab. You can send them your own itinerary and ask for a quote or pick one of the day tour packages available on their website.