Hua Hin Railway Station is located minutes from the city centre and you can easily take a stroll and view it on the way to the central night market, which is just a few blocks away. The train station is a tourist landmark both for foreign and local tourists, but also still serves as the main rail link between Bangkok and the South of Thailand. The train station is so famous in Thailand it’s image is often depicted in Souvenirs and is synonymous with Hua Hin City.

The Hua Hin Railway station is one of the oldest stations in Thailand, the original structure was built in 1910 in Nakhon Pathom for the Sanam Chandra Palace for the Royal Family. In 1967 Colonel Chulacharit relocated the original structure from Sanam Chandra Palace to its current location making it the VIP room for the Royals when they needed to travel by train to or from Hua Hin. To this day, you can view the original portion built for the Royal family, now called the Royal Waiting room, inside the station compound

Opposite the Hua Hin Railway Station is an old steam locomotive that houses a local library. The Hua Hin Railway station also has an atmospheric café where you can sit and watch the hustle bustle of Hua Hin everyday life. If you want to try something authentic sample local food or drinks in cafes and restaurants just adjacent to the rondel outside the train station.

The area around the Hua Hin Railway Station is also very interesting to explore. South of the train station houses many small local businesses serving mostly local clients but also Thai Bangkokian crowds that ascend to Hua Hin on the Weekends.


Walk South of the Train station parallel to the train tracks to experience Hua Hin street life and view local shops selling gas, second hand clothes, food and more. Hua Hin Railway Station is located on Damnoern Kasem Road in the city centre and just a few blocks from the central night market.

Opening hours

  • Daily

Admission fees

  • free entrance


  • from Bangkok – 200 km (2 h 40 min)
  • from Hua Hin – 350 m (2 min)

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