Hua Hin Night Market is a typical Thai market that is located in the middle of town in between the main thoroughfare of Petchkasem road and the Railway tracks. In tourist high season or even low season this place is full of stalls, lights, noise and tourists.

The Hua Hin Night Market is not just for shopping it is a visual extravagance of old ladies dressed up in Northern traditional costumes selling trinkets, stalls selling exotic foods, small bars with loud music, seafood restaurants displaying produce on ice, bright lights and lots of people from all over the world.

The stalls at Hua Hin Night Market are cramped on both sides of closed down Dechannut Road and they sell every type of Hua Hin and Thailand souvenir available. Other items that can be found in market is fake brands slippers, CD’s, scarfs, hair accessories, Thailand T Shirts, Hippy pants, bikinis, key chains you name they have it.

Most people come here to shop for gifts but the Hua Hin Night Market offers so much more. At the market there is hundreds of opportunities to sample Thai street food in all of its various forms. Many small food cart sells sample sized treats for a cheap price. You can try Quails eggs, Mango sticky rice, Pad Thai and experience the aroma and of Thai food culture all in one night. On the street there is also many larger restaurants predominantly catering to Western tastes, serving fresh seafood and steaks. When you get tired from the crowds sit down at one of the small cafes or bars and just watch the show of life.

Linked to Hua Hin Night Market, is another small market named Chatsila Market, that’s has been fashioned in Vintage style. The items at this market are slightly more modern compared to the main Hua Hin Night market. The entrance to this market is a bit tricky to find but the small entrance can be found on Petchkasem Road in-between Dechannut Road and Soi 74. If you are still not sure just ask any of the stall holders at the market.


When shopping at night markets bargaining is a must, just make sure you are doing it with a smile,  a good deal should be a win-win situation where both sides walk away happy. Bank Machines can be found at or close to the big 7 Eleven in the market.

Opening hours

  • from 6 pm to 11 pm

Admission fees

  • free entrance


  • from Bangkok – 200 km (2 h 40 min)
  • from Hua Hin – 0 km (city centre)

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How to visit:

We recommend to contact Hua Hin Cab. You can send them your own itinerary and ask for a quote or pick one of the day tour packages available on their website.