Hua Hin a city that has something for everyone.

Hua Hin town is popular with discerning visitors due to its proximity to Bangkok, allowing visitors to combine a holiday at beautiful beach town Hua Hin with a few days of sightseeing in Bangkok. In recent years Hua Hin is now also connected to Pattaya by ferry and Koh Samui by VIP busses/ferry making it an attractive hub to connect to other parts of Thailand.  Hua Hin albeit a small town is jam packed with fun things to do and is close to other interesting places such as Cha Am, Phetchaburi town and the beautiful coastal areas of Pak Nam Pran and Sam Roi Yot.

The choices that Hua Hin offers are a wide range of activities to suite all age groups and all budgets. The town caters to sun worshipers, sports fanatics, families, history buffs, nature lovers, shopaholics and culinary connoisseurs. Hua Hin is a small town rich in culture and yet serves activities to the Western tastes. Relaxing yet exciting, Hua in is the ideal holiday for people that like Thailand but want to be able access home comfort as well.

What to do in Hua Hin: Relaxation

Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin is a medium sized town by the Gulf of Thailand with long white beaches heading in both North and South Direction. The main beach starting from Hilton Hotel and all the way down to Khao Takiab’s Golden Buddha is a haven for sun tanning, beach massages and walks in the sun. Water sports are offered at affordable rates and you can easily order a drink right up to your sun chair. Main beaches include Hua Hin Beach, Khao Takiab Beach and Suan Son. Want to try something more exciting try Hua Hin’s Water parks to try their electrifying slides and let your children mix with other children of their age in the kid’s area.

If massages on the beach isn’t your thing, try one of the hundreds of Massage Shops that offer a wide mix of Thai Massage, Western Massage or even foot massages. Staff are well trained and the prices start at 300 Thai Baht for an hour. Compared to Europe you can have a massage every day, it’s that affordable. Massage Places can be found on the beach, in the shopping malls and on most streets down town. Find your favorite and relax.

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What to do in Hua Hin: Golf & Sports

Hua Hin Golf Course

Hua Hin is a mecca for Golf enthusiast with no less than 9 prominent Golf Clubs, there is something for everyone. With world Class Golf Clubs such as Banyan Golf Club and Black Mountain Golf Club you can play Golf in breathtaking sceneries at a fraction of what it would cost in Europe.

Hua Hin has many options to explore Thailand and also get a great workout. Hua Hin is well known for Kite boarding and winds are favorable for kiteboarding all year around. Or want to try something more Thai style, learn Thai Muay Thai from Muay Thai Masters. Or take a bike Tour through rice fields and experience Thai Rural life. World Class Gyms and Tennis Courts can be found inside and outside big hotels in Hua Hin City.

What to do in Hua Hin: Shopping

Hua Hin Night Market (Thailand)

Hua Hin Has 3 main Markets: Hua Hin Nigh Market, Grand Market and Cicada Market. The first market is mainly catered to Tourist, The Grand Market is favored by local Thai’s and Cicada market, the new kid in town, is beautiful aesthetically and also has unique products.

Hua Hin also has two big Malls; Market Village a 4 storey mall with some brand names, popular with the locals Thai and Expats. Blueport is the latest Mega mall with all the big Brands, an amazing large food court and a western super market.

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What to do in Hua Hin: Children’s activities

Hua Hin Bluport Shopping Centre kid's playground

Hua Hin is well suited for families with children. Hotels are clean and safe, beaches are ideal to play and swim in on a sunny day and if a rainy day would happen, go over to Blueport and let your children try out the kids’ corner.  Hua Hin has many attractions built mainly for children, that can keep them busy and teaching them something new.

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What to do in Hua Hin: Thai Culture & History

Thai monk on Hua Hin beach

Hua Hin History and Culture is fascinating and exotic. Thai culture can be experienced by walking around Hua Hin and seeing how Thai’s interact, pray and go about their day. To add to this you can easily visit fascinating attractions that allow you to experience the Royal history, ancient temples and Palaces. Research a bit on your attractions especially if history is involved to make the visit more informative and interesting.

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What to do in Hua Hin: Thailand’s Nature & Wildlife

Kaeng Krachan National Park Thailand

Just outside Hua Hin City is abundant nature with beautiful mountains, dipping valleys with rice fields and lush rain forest. Some of the most wondrous attractions lay in exploring the coast line from afar, gliding down a tropical river in a National park and experiencing more about Thailand’s abundant Wildlife. This kind of attractions are a must to truly appreciate the beauty of Thailand.

Hua Hin Attractions linked to Thailand’s Nature & Wildlife:

What to do in Hua Hin: Eating & Drinking

hua hin street food

Hua Hin has a wide choice of food in every kind style and budget, from 5 star buffets to Thai street food. Try out Hua Hin town center for various eateries and the beachside for seafood restaurants. Go Local, Try Soi 94 an Expat area with many bars or restaurants or Bonkai market on Soi 88 with many local food stalls and live music on the weekends.

Bar as Clubs can mainly found around Hilton area with a wide range styles, Irish Pubs to sophisticated Wine Bars. If you really want to see “Where the Wild things are” check out Soi 80 and Soi Bintabath.

Hua Hin Attractions linked to Eating & Drinking:

Local Travel Tips in Hua Hin:

For short trips within Hua Hin it is recommended to use a Tuk Tuk mainly from a safety perspective, with rates starting from 200 Thai baht up. Rental of cars can be found all over Hua Hin, but it is recommended to use reputable company with full insurance coverage.  But do remember self-driving in Hua Hin is very different than driving back home, it is safer to use a taxi.

For longer trips to popular Hua Hin Attractions or out of town attractions, it is recommended to book a reliable taxi service such as Hua Hin Cab. This is 5 star rated on internet cab company with service orientated philosophy making your trips not only safe but convenient and interesting too. Hua Hin Cab offers new safe cars driven by local knowledgeable friendly drivers.

If you are not sure what to do in Hua Hin, ask Hua Hin Cab the local expert on safe travel.