Alpaca Hua Hin is located in between Hua Hin and Cha Am area. The place is a touted as restaurant, grocer, mini zoo and children’s playground. Alpaca Hua Hin gets its name from the Alpaca’s they keep at for visitors to see and feed.

Alpaca’s originally come from South America but they are considered to be domesticated animals that look at lot like Llama’s. Because of their cute faces and smaller stature they are very popular entertainment at mini Zoo’s. At Alpaca Hua Hin one can interact with this Alpacas, but do make sure not arrive in the middle of the day as they don’t like extreme heat and like to hide indoors. You can feed the Alpaca’s and take pictures of them in their cute enclosure.

Alpaca Hua Hin Restaurant is located inside in a large building with quirky Alpaca Wall art and with an outdoor and indoor seating option. The interior are very stylish and modern and they are very conveniently located by the highway towards Cha Am and Bangkok. They serve Thai and Western delights and even have Vegetarian food.  The restaurant also serves drinks and coffee. For young children there is a children’s play room where they can play with other children.

For adult guests the outdoor restaurant area is nice play to grab a beer whilst enjoying Hua Hin’s tropical setting.

Alpaca Hua Hin Restaurant Mini Zoo


The Alpaca Hua Hin restaurant is very popular with people from Bangkok and can get very busy in the weekends.

Opening hours

  • from 11 am to 10 pm

Admission fees

  • free


  • from Bangkok – 180 km (2 h 25 min)
  • from Hua Hin – 25 km (26 min)

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How to visit:

We recommend to contact Hua Hin Cab. You can send them your own itinerary and ask for a quote or pick one of the day tour packages available on their website.